One of the projects Yayasan Perpaduan Sarawak and MYY Living Arts are working on to teach people craft skills like weaving, beading, and fundamental woodworking is called Learning from Our Elders. The aim of this initiative is to promote the study, acquisition, mastery, and creation of Sarawakian handicrafts.

With the assistance of TEGAS Digital Innovation Hub, Miri, MYYLA organised and invited Puan Jonita of Jonita Enterprise to conduct a fundamental weaving workshop for the final Learning from Our Elders session.

The fundamentals of weaving were also covered by Puan Jonita as she led and taught the participants. A complimentary toolkit for weaving was provided to each of them.

The participants learned the fundamentals of weaving during the workshop, and Puan Jonita did a fantastic job of imparting her knowledge.

In order to learn more about Sarawak’s crafts and to help the next generation understand and respect them, we hope to host more Learning from Elders sessions in the future.