Visual Artist

Tay Sin Yee

Textile Art

24 years old Tay Sin Yee is a passionate environmentalist and zero-waste practitioner. She currently works as a social media manager. Meanwhile, she majors in Fashion Design and Pattern Making at ESMOD KL. Her graduation collection is inspired by a self sustained floral city. She focuses on structural form and couture beading in her fashion work and is the founder of a remake brand “bunbun”. In 2019, Sin Yee was given oppotunity to showcase her natural tie dye collection on a runway and exhibition at Avenue K, KL. She hopes that by introducing more selection of ethical products, she is able to widen their fashion choices and impact people to think wisely, environmentally.

“I hope by introducing more selection of ethical products will make a positive influence on people to choose more wisely when purchasing a product.”



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