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Ian Shepherd Salang

Ian Shepherd Salang

Content Creator

Ian spent the last 20 years producing creative content in various industries. His passion in photography led him to become an international wedding photographer. A story teller at heart Ian has chased stories far out in the oceans, deep in jungles and across continents. He co-founded Median Labs in 2008 which later was awarded the Media Contract from Sarawak Shell Bhd. His work in digital media has seen him venture from the Oil & Gas industry to Government bodies and finally the corporate world. Throughout his career, he has had the opportunity to work with various corporate leaders as well as Heads of State, helping drive their vision using the best means of media at hand.

He serves as Media Director for QEOS Group of companies and also Executive Producer at the Borneo Media Channel, a digital, film & media house in Miri, that’s currently in production for TV Sarawak. Ian is always on the lookout to work with young and creative individuals to help make better stories! He’s been around the block and he’s always willing to share his experiences.



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