Sarawakian Artists Residency

We are providing an opportunity for Sarawakian artists to immerse themselves in a new environment, as well as learn how to utilise this opportunity to develop their long term artistry.

Three (3) mid-level Sarawakian artists will undergo a 3 months residency period, including a chance to exhibit or showcase their work or work-in-progress at the end of the period.

They will need to draw inspiration from Miri, its people, and its surrounding areas to come up with a brand new body of work.



3 months residency, 1 month to exhibit their work/work-in-progress.

  • 3 May 2021 – 31 July 2021 (approx. 3 months)
  • August – September 2021 (1 month – exhibition/showcase period)


Fill up the application form below, together with:

  • Artist statement
  • Work samples/visuals
  • Resume
  • Recommendations (if any)
  • A description of the specific project proposal for the period of your residency, maximum 500 words.

Application opening date: 1 March 2021

Application closing date: 26 April 2021

* Successful applicants will be informed by 26 April 2021. Artists are expected to travel to Miri between 27 April 2021 – 3 May 2021.

Simple Guides

1. Carefully read all the details.


2. Fill up the application below.

3. Wait for the confirmation.

4. Prepare yourself and get ready for the residency.


What are the objectives of Sarawakian Artists Residency?
  • Provide opportunity for Sarawakian artists to immerse themselves in a new environment, as well as learn how to utilise an artist residency opportunity, which would be beneficial in developing their long term artistry and perhaps, opportunities for international residencies in the future.
  • Creation of boundary pushing, fresh, international-level work by Sarawakian artists out of Miri, whose aim is to be pitched to regional/international festivals in 2022 and beyond.
What will we cover?

Return flights (if from outside Miri), accommodation with shared kitchen, beautiful semi private studio by the sea & up to RM2,000 production funds, which is to be managed by the artist.

What do we NOT cover?

Stipend or meals (tentatively)

What can I expect during the Residency?

Although there will be several scheduled events and programs during your stay, including the artist-in-residence exhibition, the primary purpose of the residency is to give you an opportunity to immerse yourself in various aspects of Miri and to meet fellow artists, producers and cultural practitioners in Miri – and ultimately, develop a new body of work!

What is expected of the artist?

Artists are expected to lead at least one public workshop/talk/ demonstration throughout the period of – and to showcase a new body of work (work-in-progress) at the end of the duration of 3 months.

All artists will be linked to a local partner – who may be another artist, writer, curator, producer – in order to generate critical dialogue and assist with artistic production.

What disciplines of art?

Currently, we’d like to welcome those in:

  • Performing arts incl. dance, theatre
  • Visual arts incl. fine arts, sculptor, photographer
  • Independent Music
  • Crafts
What makes a successful application?

Proof of commitment to seeing through the residency.
Clear vision and process.

What happens if I need to leave the residency half way?

It is not encouraged, but we understand that circumstances change. We would require you to inform MYY Living Arts at least 1 week prior to leaving the residency. All costs for return to point of origin and back to Miri is to be borne by the artist.

If you are for any reason unable to rejoin the residency, we would unfortunately have to forfeit the allocated RM2,000 production funds.

I am based in Kuching and I’m very interested to come to Miri and be an artist-in-resident! But with all the uncertainty during CMCO/MCO, is it possible for me to do so?

Rest assured, we are constantly monitoring the situation as well. You may put in your application and we will keep you posted on the possibility.

I am an artist and would like to join the residency. But I have a full time job! Is there still a way for me to take part?

Yes! We heard you and we would also like to offer a Part-Time residency for artists who aren’t able to commit full-time for the 3-month period due to full time employment.

What are the Part-Time participation requirements?

You are also given the 3-month period to create your ideas, on hours outside of your full time employment. At the end of the 3-month period, you would still have to commit your time and energy to produce and showcase your work alongside the full-time residents. 

Similarly with the full time residents, you will also need to commit to appearing for public artist dialogues, be featured in promotional related materials and other standard terms.

What are the differences for Part-Time residents compared to the full time residents
  • If you’re already in Miri, you will still be given the access to use the physical studios and spaces for you to make your pieces during the 3-month, but on a shared basis.
  •  You will be provided with half the production funds (up to RM1,000), which means, it is to be utilised for the development and production of your artistic work.
  • You will need to share with us your status report once every two weeks.
What is “production funds”? How will you pass them to me?

Production funds are direct expenses related to the development and presentation of your work. So for example, if you’re a painter and you need the purchase of canvas and paint, that will fall under your production fund. Another example, if you’re a photographer and you need to print test prints before final print, this falls under your production fund too.

Before starting the residency, we will ask you for your targeted expense budget in relation to the work that you intend to produce. Upon reviewing the budget, we will then disburse the amount to you within 7 days of approval. You will then need you to safely keep the receipts for all expenses listed and pass them to us. This will greatly help us with accounting and transparency.

Who will bear the cost of the final exhibition or presentation at the end of the residency period?

We will! Upon discussions with you, we will endeavour to create the best possible environment to highlight your work – be it in person or online.


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