MYY Living Arts proudly reports that its first UnConference & Festival, held from May 13–May 19, 2024, concluded successfully. Artists, entrepreneurs, and locals came together for this groundbreaking event to celebrate creativity and teamwork in a lively way.

The MYY Living Arts UnConference & Festival offered a distinctive fusion of workshops, panel discussions, performances, and exhibitions, giving attendees a vibrant platform to showcase their skills and ideas. Unlike conventional conferences, the UnConference style promoted impromptu, participant-driven sessions that encouraged candid conversation and imaginative inquiry.

Highlights of the Festival:

Bethany Luhong Balan of Rumah Sarawak led a workshop on self-published zine making, and Felix Agustus of Rumah Sarawak offered participants the chance to learn from theatre experts. These engaging, hands-on workshops allowed participants to experiment and hone their skills in a supportive environment.

Thought leaders and industry professionals covered various topics during thought-provoking panels. Kalimantan’s “Taba Tamabaloh,” a documentary centered on the Tamabaloh people, was one such topic. Other topics included “Designing 2024 & Human-Centered Design by The Culture Capital” and “Spatial Biography Documentation by Harold EGN of Rumah Sabah.”

Participants visited Uncle Salomon Gau, Prostasindra of Ta’Dan, Garry of Sape’ Movement, and Cikgu Meges Laoi, four of Miri’s own practitioners of traditional and contemporary arts. They exchanged ideas, discussed problems, and discovered commonalities in terms of difficulties, challenges, arts, and customs. This informative session allowed participants to learn directly from these practitioners.

Rumah Kalimantan welcomed Kings of Borneo to perform, showcasing the great talent within Borneo Island. The event featured a wide roster of enthralling performances.

Our programming partner, PaKat Studio, presented immersive exhibitions that highlighted artwork and artists, promoting meaningful interaction. Additionally, each of the three “Rumahs,” along with Kopi & Kamu Cafe and Blackbird Wine Bar, featured artwork from Rumah Brunei, Rumah Sabah, and Rumah Sarawak.

The event facilitated networking by connecting artists, business owners, and art aficionados, encouraging partnerships that will continue beyond the festival.

“We are blown away by the enthusiastic reception to our first UnConference & Festival,” MYY Living Arts Producer Juvita Tatan Wan stated. The participants’ enthusiasm and inventiveness were incredibly motivating. This occasion demonstrated the amazing potential of our community when we unite to exchange ideas and passions.

Our program partners, sponsors, and volunteers made the MYY Living Arts UnConference & Festival a success. We sincerely thank each participant for their commitment and passion.

In the future, MYY Living Arts will maintain this momentum and provide creative expression and innovative outlets. We encourage the neighborhood to look out for upcoming activities and projects that will further enhance our cultural environment.

Shall we see you guys next year for MYYLA UNConference & Festival 2024?