Miri Music Scene

Miri Music Scene

The Miri music scene is in its infancy stage, According to Wesley Lau, “You don’t get jobs often, opportunities are rare, it’s hard for new aspiring Artists to stand out.”

Building a carrier at more developed cities like Kuala Lumpur is easier, the market has a stronger community and opportunities. But in Miri things are different “We need to go the extra mile to build the foundation.”

“I am really thankful to some local Miri Community like Miri Tutti, Miri Orchestra & Choir Society know as MOC and Miri Musical Society etc.”

“Most Non-profit organisation aims to provide more opportunity to Miri Musicians. they provide performances opportunities and education. Without them, I don’t think today is possible.”



Enter Wesley:

I have been in the music scene for more than 10 years, half of my lifetime. And in Miri, it’s especially tough, for aspiring Miri talents, I urge you to be Proactive in hunting for opportunities, grab any chance you can to perform until you can choose.(especially during times like this)

Explore more, join events like MyyLivingArts, the connections would serve you well. Because the good thing in Miri is the limited amount of talents, once you have credentials, jobs find you.



Additional Bio: MyyLivingArts-Wesley

“In My Experience, Starting is the hardest part, not many people believe in a carrier in music when I started, even my parents don’t support me. 
I studied and worked as an accountant according to my parent’s wishes. but my heart is not there, My passion is in music.

One fine day, I just went with the cords, and never looked back.

It was tough, I hunt for every opportunity I can get, which I recommend everyone to do the same. Join more courses, Music camps, anything you can learn from, the knowledge and connection would be priceless!

Now I am a Proud Band Director, Music Teacher, and still in process of learning Composing, Recording, etc… and aims to make Miri Music world-class.