Louis has been in the Borneo local music scene since his early teens. He started as a musician and played in Miri and Brunei. Later he became a live sound enthusiast and is now a sound and back-line provider and has been involved in providing support to various regional and international festivals in Miri.

He is also a music events organizer and has initiated many medium-sized shows locally by himself and sometimes collaborating with other parties. He is very familiar with the local music scene and has a good network with Sabah and Brunei.

The Music Industry in Miri During MCO

For singers and bands and those involved in entertainment, it has been an extremely difficult one year with the MCO affecting their livelihood, as pubs, bars, events, etc were not allowed to operate or have live music.

Many full-time musicians/ singers/ sound providers have had to look for alternative work to survive. Many have had to resort to selling their instruments and equipment to make ends meet.

Bringing The Industry Back 

In an interview with Louis, He said that The Music and Arts industry needed support and help from the Government, Organisations, and individuals to stay alive. The Industry itself has to adapt to the changing times, with smaller live but bigger virtual events.  there are now new ways of doing things, Myy Live Music Showcase is a fantastic program by providing a lifeline to bring some form of life back to the music scene.

The first music showcase which was recently held is just a foretaste of bigger and better things to come as the monthly showcase will continue till September and maybe beyond.

When asked for Advice for Singers and Musicians, Louis said our local musicians/singers/bands, etc should not miss this opportunity to use the platform provided to showcase their talents.

He believes there is an abundance of talent in Miri, in Sarawak, and within Borneo waiting to be uncovered and revealed to the world.


Live music is the soul of our city…..keep it alive !!