Jerry is a Filmmaker who was freelancing in Kuching and has taken part in notable shoots like the upcoming film “Edge of the World”, event videos for Sarawak Tourism Federation and etc.

Journey Back Home

He came back to Miri during MCO and has since taken the initiative to grow Miri’s Filmmaking scene.

“Miri is my home, and I want to try to make an impact on the community. As an artist, videos allow me to capture stories worth sharing.”

Since his return to Miri, Jerry has created 2 short films with Horizn Digital, named Present and Reunion, which has reached a total of 200k people in Miri.

When asked if they would continue making films, Jerry says they have scheduled 4 short films this year and will proceed even if they can’t find any sponsor.

“There is potential in Miri not fully utilized, after the two shoots, I’m more sure than ever.  If we show what Miri can do, the scene, talents, and shots available, then we can attract international filmmakers to come to Miri to shoot their films.”

What Advice would you give your younger self?

“Don’t let you, stop you from creating. It’s easy to make excuses like we’re living in a small town with limited resources that stops you from creating. But the thing is we can still create something regardless of where we are. If your why is big enough, then nothing in this world can stop you but you

“To inspire starts with the clarity of WHY”
-Simon Sinek