Join Us As Crew or Volunteer

We are looking for people who are passionate about the arts, creativity, live events – and our city!

Come join us as part of MYY Living Arts, Miri’s first major public arts program!

Send us an email and our team will get in touch with you!



As a crew or volunteer, you could be handling a wide range of responsibilities – from managing an exhibit venue, to being part of an exhibit or performance setup crew, flyer or brochure distribution, to ensuring SOPs are abided by – and more.

What kind of individuals are we looking for?

Passionate about the arts – and want our city to thrive with it!



Energetic, bubbly, fun!


Weekdays and weekends.

(We will assign a minimum of 2 days per week per volunteer. Do let us know if you have preferred days, or the optimal number of days, if it’s above 2 days, you can volunteer per week!)

What will we cover?

Daily meal (once per shift)
Free merchandise – T

(We’re also more than happy to write an official glowing participation letter!)

What do we NOT cover?

Fees or stipend.

What can I expect during the period of MYY Living Arts?
  1. You will be required to volunteer at least 6 hours of your time daily (Morning shift – 9am-3pm/Evening shift – 4pm-10pm).
  2. Some days will feel quite long, but you will be surrounded by amazing work – you can take that time to immerse yourself in the work and the artists.
  3. Don’t be shy! Talk to attendees, have conversations with them about the work you’re viewing together, and connect!
  4. As we’re conducting in-person activities in a new norm, we expect you to be vigilant and responsible in handling people and public health situations. Not to worry, you won’t be alone in this. We will have guidelines provided by authorities to guide us in ensuring the safety of yourself and others.

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