An enormous amount of guts and responsibility are required while organising or planning a creative undertaking. We frequently give up before finishing because we lack the tools, the time, or the expertise necessary.


CREATIVE PRODUCTION 101 with Juvita is a workshop that MYY Living Arts developed. The objectives of this workshop were to manage expectations around project execution and assist participants in bringing their ideas to life. The MYY Living Arts curators, local creative industry players and associations, and essentially everyone who was eager to realise a creative initiative but didn’t know where to start were all invited to the workshop.


There was a lot of idea-exchanging, new knowledge gained, and new contacts created throughout the workshop, which brought together participants from various institutions and sectors.


On July 9, there will be a second Creative Production session. The available seats are all taken, and we are forward to meet the creatives and work with them to boost their self-assurance.


The TEGAS Digital Innovation Hub is completely supporting this session.