Hello everyone! It has been quite a journey for our Artist in Residence, Ta’Dan. They have been making numerous of projects and I was able to catch them for a quick interview session. Hear them out, their current projects and also what keeps them going in this industry, especially during this trying time.

  • What is Ta’Dan up to now? Can you share with us what is your current project?

Currently, we have at least two projects still on going. The Artist Residency with MYYLiving Arts and Ta’Dan Blues Project. We are doing at least three originals with the Artist Residency which will reflrect Miri, its people and the culture (music and life). On the other hand, the Ta’Dan Blues Project  is our venture into fusion blues and trying to expand our musical genre.

  • What is the future plan for Ta’Dan?

As for now, our primary plan is to finish the current project as soon as we can, releasing and market them out. We would like to expose Ta’Dan to the national audience and then level up to the international audience. We have performed at the Borneo Jazz Festival (virtually) this year and it would be awesome if we can perform in more music festivals in the near future.

  • Any collaborations with any local acts?

We have collaborated with local acts previously and some on going projects too. We are collaborating with Sarawakian musicians especially from Miri. As for the residency, Ta’Dan have been collaborating with a local rapper and traditional musicians mainly working on telling a story about Miri. We are also looking forward to collaborate with more musicians and talents, local and international.

  • What is the story behind your current project?

For residency, it is something new and interesting for us. When we were introduced to the project, we were interested to explore. The theme is about Miri, and as Mirians. it is time for us to create something that is close to our hearts- thus this is a great opportunity for a new original piece from us with collaborations from other talents from Miri.

The Blues Project: This project is basicallly about us exploring into another genre which is Blues. Honestly, we cannot do justice in playing the true blues music hence we try to incorporate some fusion elements. We have Adrian on bass and Wailyn on keys/piano for this project. It will be featuring only two sessionist in an EP, before this project, we usually feature more than three or four musicians.

  • What motivates Ta’Dan to keep on creating?

Prosta: I always creating the melody inside my head whether I am making music or doing something else. Making music is my motivation, it keeps me going and the excitement from it is indescribable.

Daniel: I love to improvise, it has been my drive to keep on creating and not to forget; PASSION. The way music gives me the feels  and it always hit me deep and touched my soul. These are the things that motivates me.


We hope that Ta’Dan will flourish more in their craft and keep on creating the best music! You guys can follow their Instagram @tadan_music for more updates or any current projects they are working on. All the best Ta’Dan!

Till then.