Founder of After Hours, Tendai and Arham (Picture below) want to help talents get media traction locally in Sarawak.

There are lots of talents who live in Sarawak who need to go to West Malaysia to future their carrier, it is because the chances for them to show their gifted talents are very low and the pay inequality in the art industry can not maintain their living costs, and After Hours wants to change that.

“It’s especially hard for Mirians, as the community is scattered when we just started. After Hours is to be the Beacon for Mirian’s, to know that there is a carrier in Media for Miri. We started because we know a lot of talents giving up their passion just to go for traditional businesses, the traditional engineering, doctors, lawyers, and accountants which do not suit everyone.” – The Founders



“The Burden of a Dream is its Execution.”


” Motivation only gets you going, discipline is what’s gonna¬† get you to the finish line.

At the end of the day time will pass regardless.

So you either sacrifice for what you want, otherwise what you want becomes the sacrifice.”

Due to the lack of chances, the loss of talents in the Media industry limits a lot of potential creatives in Miri. The founders want to change the current issue to let all the talented souls stay. They can not stand all the talented people going depressed for not being to express themselves.


After Hours Hosts :

After Hours have been working with talents to help them pursue their career and follow their dreams in various industries.

For Example, Simon James is working on Bachelors of Malaysia while being a host at After Hours, After Hours took a proactive approach to help him gain exposure, as well as documenting his preparation work for Bachelor of Malaysia.

“After Hours helped me in building up my confidence in front of the camera, being more engaging towards the audience.” – Simon James

“We also helped him shoot for his official competition videos, we are so glad that he managed to win Bachelors of Malaysia, it is a really big show of faith in what we are trying to achieve.” – After Hours.