Miri city’s first major public arts programme – led by its own artists and creatives.

Miri is not just a business hub.

We’re artistic

& creative too. 

Think of it as an ongoing platform that helps create a non-transactional human connection. It brings together both the artists and the public.
Miri artists and creatives get a physical place and audience to showcase their talent and work.
Miri gets to experience something fresh – from the relatable to the different.


Miri to be known as an expressive community and city – with its own soul.


Miri to be known as an expressive community and city – with its own soul.

Independent Music Showcase

Discover Miri’s own independent musicians across genres and languages. From pop, traditional, classical, rock and more – you will be surprised with what you hear.


Sarawakian Artists Residency

With Miri as its backdrop, here’s a supported 3 month opportunity for Sarawakian artists to develop a new body of work and showcase it!



Immerse yourself in the work of Miri-based and Sarawakian artists working in different disciplines – from photography, fine arts, design and more.

Learn From Our Elders(Workshop)

A chance to pick up a cultural and creative skill from our practitioners.

Culinary Demonstration & Dialogue

Curious about an ingredient that’s native to Miri or Sarawak? Or how a food item becomes so ingrained in our culture today, we are not even sure how it began? Join our community experts as they guide us on the journey to learn something about our own heritage.

Artist & curator dialogue

Ever wanted to ask an artist a question about their inspiration? Or just curious about how one starts a career in the arts? Here’s your chance to ask the artists directly! Each month, join in the dialogue and chat with the artists.

Our Goals

Exercise Imagination

Think Beyond Ourselves

See Varying Perspectives

Creative Collaborators



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Strategic Partners


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Miri's homegrown creative, arts and culture platform.

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